Ruby Software
   Accurate pipe sizing


Benefits for your business



1:      Never receive a complaint for:

a)   Noisy pipes

b)   Shortage of water

c)   Fluctuations between shower and kitchen

d)   Over sizing pipes


2:      Reduce costs and increase profits, with correctly sized pipes.


3:      Have documental evidence that will stand up in arbitration or court. Be confident in the end result. The flow and ressure at the most disadvantaged point, will be that which WaterFlow has calculated.


4:      Know if there will be a problem, before the quote is given to    the customer.


Example:  The home is at the top of a hill. The job is finished and there is insufficient pressure in the upstairs shower. The customer now has to pay for a pressure pump.


With WaterFlow pipe sizing software, you would have known a pump would be required and allowed for it in the original quote.


There are no surprises with WaterFlow pipe sizing.


5:      Save time sizing pipes, WaterFlow is fast and accurate. You can use all the pipe sizing books and tables, you will never find anything faster and more accurate than WaterFlow software.


6:      The Training and Help function allows you to email Paul Funnell direct with questions that will help you become better at pipe sizing.