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How WaterFlow pipe sizing works




Please take the time to view some of the training lessons that are provided. They are in MS PowerPoint format.

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a)      The water pressure is recorded at the property or nearby in the same street

b)      The pressure is entered and the minimum required pressure defaults to 21 metres.

c)       The first click is the water main

d)      Then pipe, fittings, pipe risers and droppers are added

e)       As the layout proceeds fixtures are added. Basins, sinks etc.

f)       When the layout is completed all pipe sizes are shown.

g)       A table shows


·         The available pressure


·         The pressure at the end of the line


·         Friction losses


·         Velocities of water in the pipe


·         Excess pressure or pump duties


WaterFlow is exciting, innovative and affordable


It is one software tool every plumber should have in their office.



Types of Pipe


PVC Class 12, 15, 16, 18, 20

Schedule 40

Galvanised Medium

Galvanised Heavy

Ductile Iron

+GF+ Instaflex



Stainless Steel