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Uses for WaterFlow pipe sizing



Kosta has been using the WaterFlow pipe sizing for over ten years. He told us, he has never been accused of over-sizing a pipe and never received a complaint for undersized pipes.


That is because it provides 0.005 accuracy in flows, friction  losses and sizes.


1:      Residential Homes


Pipes in residential homes are too often undersized. This causes damage to the building due to high velocities and water hammer.


A shortage of water in the shower when the kitchen tap is turned on.


Most of all undersized pipes are noisy and disturb the occupants.

WaterFlow provides the optimum pipe sizes.


2:      Existing buildings, office and shopping centre tenancies.


Simply treat the nearest main pipe as the water main, check the pressure at a nearby hose tap and use WaterFlow to size the pipes accurately.


3:      Commercial buildings.


Single storey warehouses to multi storey office blocks or home unit developments, are often over-sized by the design engineer who simply doesn’t know how to size the pipes. They deliberately oversize to be on the safe side.


You can check the design with WaterFlow and make more profit by installing the correct pipe sizes. There is no guesswork with WaterFlow.


4:      Hydrant and Hose Reels, comply with the Building Code and Australian Standards.


5:      There are local authorities / councils who report up to five homes a week that burnt down in their jurisdiction.  Imagine how many there are across Australia each year.


WaterFlow pipe sizing, provides accurate and reliable residential fire sprinkler sizing. This is an untapped market by plumbers. A real opportunity to create a new market for your business.


6:  Pump Duties


Country farms or city buildings, WaterFlow will calculate if a pump is required and provide the required pump sizing in metres head and flow rate.


Alternatively, adjust the pipe sizes to see if the pump can be eliminated. (Save costs for your customer)


WaterFlow-Lite provides accuracy and peace of mind.


Every WaterFlow pipe sizing software program purchase includes a copy of ‘Pipe Sizing for Building Services’ book FREE.



Types of Pipe




PVC Class 12, 15, 16, 18, 20

Schedule 40

Galvanised Medium

Galvanised Heavy

Ductile Iron

+GF+ Instaflex



Stainless Steel